Inspirational Character Cards January 8, 2015 13:23

Our mission is to empower girls to discover their gifts and talents, building character one card at a time. So how exactly can trading cards help girls realize their full potential?

We don't think our cards are great just because of their beautiful artwork, or just because you can play countless games with them when you use your creativity and imagination. These cards are great because of the power they have to teach values. Each Rising Empress serves as a positive role model for girls everywhere, and the traits they exhibit will surely help girls become kind, happy, helpful, wise, curious, brave, caring, and beautiful in every way possible.

On the back of each Character Card is an inspirational message from an Empress. Here's an example of one from Deshay, the Empress of Daylight.

Every Empress has 3 character cards, each one with a different message. As you continue to collect card packs, you can learn more about each Empress and what makes her so special.

The Rising Empresses are not only value based, but also teach girls the power of education and learning new skills. The character cards for the Empresses of Dance, Art, Music, and Science, for example, help girls learn important lessons while encouraging them to pursue their favorite interests and hobbies.